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What is Knowledge Management


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Knowledge Management is the process of organizing, creating, using, and sharing collective knowledge within an organization. Successful knowledge management includes maintaining information in a place where it is easy to access.
Knowledge management process

At the top level, a knowledge management process is the way in which a business manages knowledge, from its creation through to its association methodology, to how it then continues to make sure it’s participated out.

Knowledge Creation. Knowledge creation starts with knowledge acquisition. This knowledge may come from numerous sources, including workers within an association or outside individuals that are brought in for knowledge or skills on a specific subject. As knowledge is acquired, the coming step is to understand what knowledge will be used for, how it'll be applied and where it’s applicable.

Knowledge Organization. The knowledge must also be structured in a knowledge management system for coming use. This knowledge mustn't only be organized, but it also needs to include security features so that knowledge can be entered by authorized personnel when required. This knowledge organization process is an important part of knowledge management because without it, knowledge becomes disorganized and has no structure, making it tough or insolvable to find in the future when knowledge is required.

Knowledge Sharing. The knowledge organization process is completed by knowledge sharing. This knowledge sharing includes everything from knowledge training to knowledge exchange, where knowledge can be acquired or enhanced through knowledge conversations with other workers in an organization.

All of these aspects work together to make up a knowledge management process, which promotes collaboration and information sharing.

How knowledge management helps organizations

When an organization is suitable to fluently access, share, and update business knowledge, it can become more productive and cost-effective. The capability to access the right knowledge at the right time, via a robust knowledge management system, informs accurate decision- making and stimulates collaboration and invention.

Benefits of knowledge management

The more effectively and efficiently a company shares its information with its workers, the better the business will perform. The benefits of knowledge management include

Faster decision- making
Effective access to knowledge and information
Increased collaboration and idea generation
Enhanced communication throughout your association
Advanced quality of information and data
Further security for intellectual property
Optimized training

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