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Jan 10 2018

cramertj added a comment to D1581: rust: implementation of `hg`.

There are a lot of uses of unwrap, expect, and panic that can (and probably should) be replaced with proper error handling using Result (and the failure crate).

I definitely agree. I still consider this just beyond proof-of-concept code. We'll definitely want to shore things up before we ship. Perfect is very much the enemy of good at this stage.

There are also a couple of crates that provide safe bindings to Python interpreters-- I'm not sure what your external dependency situation is, but you might consider using something like rather than writing your own unsafe calls to the python interpreter.

pyo3 requires non-stable Rust features last I checked. That makes it a non-starter for us at this time (since downstream packagers will insist on only using stable Rust).
If other external dependencies provide the interfaces we need, I'm open to taking those dependencies. But this crate is focused on embedding a Python interpreter. Most (all?) of the Rust+Python crates I found seemed to target the "implementing Python extensions with Rust" use case, not embedding Python. As such, their embedding API support is very lacking. I even had to fork rust-cpython because it didn't implement the proper APIs and is forcing its extension-centric religion on consumers. I've upstreamed most of my modifications though. So hopefully the fork doesn't live much longer...

Jan 10 2018, 4:49 PM
cramertj added a comment to D1581: rust: implementation of `hg`.

Looks pretty good to me-- left a couple nits inline.

Jan 10 2018, 2:32 PM