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Mailbox migrations can disrupt the process and put sensitive information at risk if you don't get past these four hurdles

Changes in email domains can be detrimental psychologically and technically. However, it's unavoidable in some cases when mergers and acquisitions take place.

Whatever the reason for M&A the newly formed companies require instant interaction and cooperation. Since email is the primary tools for collaboration and communication around the world, making sure that different systems to work together immediately, even post-close should be a essential element. This includes having complete calendar interoperability to schedule meetings, keeping up-to-date tasks and contacts in place and working without a hitch as they did previously.

There are various scenarios for email migration projects:
Acquisition: a larger business must be able to incorporate the smaller's calendar and email system to their own.

Two companies merge to form one email system from two

Split: One email system must be migrated to two different systems;

Consolidation: many smaller companies need to move to fewer mailbox systems.
Are you looking for a trusted software vendor? Shoviv offers reliable and the fastest software for their clients. You can choose your software based on your requirements. Shoviv offers 30 days money back guaranty.

But in the time of switching from one email client to a different one, we need Email converters that help us convert the document format of our current email files. Use free trial versions of Shoviv software any tool which allow to export first 50 items for each and every folder.
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