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Cashew nuts are used for a variety of purposes.
A few cashew nuts or kaju is one of the most delicious of snacks. Cashews can be used as garnish of sweets and curries, and then made into a paste, and then used to enhance gravies. Who hasn't wanted kaju barfi? Or scooped the garnish of sliced Kajus on top of an Halwa!
Value of nutrition
100 grams. serving of kaju contains 553 calories. They are rich in protein, fats, and fiber in the diet. They are an excellent source of minerals, including iron zinc, potassium selenium and copper. manganese, phosphorous , and magnesium. Kaju also has thiamine Vitamin B6 as well as Vitamin K.
100 grams of cashew nut has the equivalent of 113 mg beta-sitosterol that has a significant medicinal value.
Cashew nuts contain a lot of nutrients. Consuming a handful of cashews comes with numerous health advantages.
Vitamin-rich and high in nutrients
The nutritional profil of nuts like cashews tells us how abundant they are in vitamins that are important to the function of our bodies.
Vitamin B6 is the key to over 100 enzyme reactions within our body . It is also essential to metabolize proteins on a cellular level.
Thiamine, also known as Vitamin B1 is vital to avoid deficiency-related diseases such as beriberi, which is the nerve inflammation or neuritis caused by pellagra, or deficiency during pregnancy. Thiamine is also beneficial for kidney health for people suffering from type 2 diabetes, and in preventing the loss of memory, which is due to Alzheimer's. Thiamine is vital to the human body in order to utilize carbohydrates in a proper way.

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