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Hard Topic Writing an Anti Animal Testing Essay.


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However, there are other side-effects of insecticides that you might not necessarily think about, such as the fact that these chemicals are bad for the environment and also have been proven carcinogenic in some studies over the years.If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you may consider going into a bit of research about how humans and animals should be treated.

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. However, if you're a vocal critic of animal testing, it's important that you make sure you're clear about the facts when writing your essay, so that your reader doesn't get mixed up and confused.

For example, you could argue that the death rate of cats is much higher in some countries than in others, and that in these countries the rate of people killing cats has skyrocketed.

However, when you write your essay, keep in mind that you're arguing against animal testing and that you're supporting the idea that animals are not beings to be harmed and that their lives are worth something. That being said, there are obviously other factors affecting the state of animal experimentation, and you should discuss these in your essay.

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