repository: teach addgroup() to receive data with missing parents

Authored by indygreg.


repository: teach addgroup() to receive data with missing parents

The way the narrow extension works today, the server rewrites
outgoing changegroup data to lie about parents when the parents
data is missing. It adds the ellipsis flag to the revision so
it can be recorded as such in the revlog.

In the new wire protocol, such rewriting does not occur on
the server (at least not yet anyway). Instead, it is up to the
client to recognize when it has received a revision without its
parents. This means rewriting will be performed on the client.

Furthermore, the mechanism for storing a shallow revision may
differ from store to store. For example, the revlog store uses
the ellipsis flag to denote a revision's parents have been
rewritten. But a non-revlog store may wish to store things
differently. And, some stores may not even support receiving
shallow revision data!

Therefore, it makes sense for the store itself to be making
decisions about what to do when they receive revision data
without their parents.

This commit teaches the addgroup() bulk insert method to accept
a boolean argument that indicates whether the incoming data may
lack parent revisions. This flag can be set when receiving
"shallow" data from a remote.

The revlog implementation of this method has been taught to rewrite
the missing parent(s) to nullid and to add the ellipsis flag to
the revision when a missing parent is encountered. But it only
does this if ellipsis flags are enabled on the repo and the
incoming data is marked as possibly shallow. An error occurs

Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D5165