convert: optimize convert of files that are unmodified from p2 in merges

Authored by kiilerix.


convert: optimize convert of files that are unmodified from p2 in merges

Conversion of a merge starts with p1 and re-adds the files that were changed in
the merge or came unmodified from p2. Files that are unmodified from p1 will
thus not be touched and take no time. Files that are unmodified from p2 would be
retrieved and rehashed. They would end up getting the same hash as in p2 and end
up reusing the filelog entry and look like the p1 case ... but it was slow.

Instead, make getchanges also return 'files that are unmodified from p2' so the
sink can reuse the existing p2 entry instead of calling getfile.

Reuse of filelog entries can make a big difference when files are big and with
long revlong chains so they take time to retrieve and hash, or when using an
expensive custom getfile function (think
http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/ConvertExtension#Customization with a code

This in combination with changes to reuse filectx entries in
localrepo._filecommit make 'unchanged from p2' almost as fast as 'unchanged
from p1'.

This is so far only implemented for the combination of hg source and hg sink.

This is a refactoring/optimization. It is covered by existing tests and show no
changes - which is a good thing.


kiilerixMar 19 2015, 12:40 PM
rHG03163826b4e6: localrepo: reuse commit of parent filectx entries without rehashing