context: add ctx.files{modified,added,removed}() methods

Authored by martinvonz.


context: add ctx.files{modified,added,removed}() methods

Changeset-centric copy tracing is currently very slow because it often
reads manifests. One place it needs the manifest is in _chain(), where
it removes a copy X->Y if Y has subsequently gotten removed. I want to
speed that up by keeping track directly in the changeset of which
files are removed in the changeset. These methods will be similar to
ctx.p[12]copies() in that way: they will either read from the
changeset or calculate the information from the manifests otherwise.

Note that these are different from ctx.{modified,added,removed}() on
merge commits. Those functions always compare to p1, but the new ones
compare to both parents. filesadded() means "file does not exist in
either parent but exists now", filesremoved() means "file existed in
either parent but does not exist now", and filesmodified() means "file
existed in either parent and still exists". The set of files in
ctx.files() is the union of the files from the three new functions
(and the three new ones are all disjoint sets).

Also note that uncommitted merges are weird as usual. The invariant
mentioned above still holds, but the functions compare to p1 (and are
thus identical to the existing methods).

Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D6367