bundle2: avoid unbound read when seeking

Authored by indygreg.


bundle2: avoid unbound read when seeking

Currently, seekableunbundlepart.seek() will perform a read() during
seek operations. This will allocate a buffer to hold the raw data
over the seek distance. This can lead to very large allocations
and cause performance to suffer.

We change the code to perform read(32768) in a loop to avoid
potentially large allocations.

hg perfbundleread on an uncompressed Firefox bundle reveals
a performance impact:

! bundle2 iterparts()
! wall 2.992605 comb 2.990000 user 2.260000 sys 0.730000 (best of 4)
! bundle2 iterparts() seekable
! wall 3.863810 comb 3.860000 user 3.000000 sys 0.860000 (best of 3)
! bundle2 part seek()
! wall 6.213387 comb 6.200000 user 3.350000 sys 2.850000 (best of 3)
! wall 3.820347 comb 3.810000 user 2.980000 sys 0.830000 (best of 3)

Since seekable bundle parts are (only) used by bundlerepo, this /may/
speed up initial loading of bundle-based repos. But any improvement
will likely only be noticed on very large bundles.

Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D1394


indygregNov 14 2017, 1:20 AM
Differential Revision
D1394: bundle2: avoid unbound read when seeking
rHG764e3ad1cf54: bundle2: inline struct operations