hgweb: fix websub regex flag syntax on Python 3

Authored by sheehan.


hgweb: fix websub regex flag syntax on Python 3

The websub config section for hgweb is broken under Python 3
when using regex flags syntax (ie the optional i in the example
from hg help config.websub:


Flags are pulled out of the specified byte-string using a regular
expression, and uppercased. The flags are then iterated over and
passed to the re module using re.__dict__[item], to get the
object attribute of the same name from the re module. So on Python
2 if the il flags are passed, this transition looks like:

`'il'` -> `'IL'` -> `'I'` -> `re.__dict__['I']` -> `re.I`

However on Python 3, these are bytes objects. When we iterate over
a bytes object in Python 3, instead of getting the individual characters
in the string as string objects of length one, we get the integer \
value corresponding to that byte. So the same transition looks like:

`b'il'` -> `b'IL'` -> `73` -> `re.__dict__[73]` -> `KeyError`

This commit fixes the type mismatch by converting the bytes to a
system string before iterating over each element to pass to re.
The transition will now look like:

`b'il'` -> `u'IL'` -> `u'I'` -> `re.__dict__[u'I']` -> `re.I`

In addition we expand test-websub.t to cover the regex flag case
(for both the websub section and interhg).

Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D6788


sheehanSep 9 2019, 1:25 PM
Differential Revision
D6788: hgweb: fix websub regex flag syntax on Python 3
rHGf059d6ffcdf0: merge with stable