outgoing: respect ":pushurl" paths (issue5365)

Authored by hollisb.


outgoing: respect ":pushurl" paths (issue5365)

Make 'hg outgoing' respect "paths.default:pushurl" in addition to

'hg outgoing' has always meant "what will happen if I run 'hg push'?" and it's
still documented that way:

Show changesets not found in the specified destination repository or the
default push location. These are the changesets that would be pushed if a
push was requested.

If the user uses the now-deprecated "paths.default-push" path, it continues to
work that way. However, as described at
https://bz.mercurial-scm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5365, it doesn't behave the same
with "paths.default:pushurl".

Why does it matter? Similar to the bugzilla reporter, I have a read-only mirror
of a non-Mercurial repository:

upstream -> imported mirror -> user clone

Users push directly to upstream, and that content is then imported into the
mirror. However, those repositories are not the same; it's possible that the
mirroring has either broken completely, or an import process is running and not
yet complete. In those cases, 'hg outgoing' will list changesets that have
already been pushed.

Mozilla's desired behavior described in bug 5365 can be accomplished through
other means (e.g. 'hg outgoing default'), preserving the consistency and
meaning of 'hg outgoing'.


hollisbDec 14 2017, 6:03 PM
rHGf7de3353e59d: tests: test-pathconflicts-merge.t requires symlinks