rust-cpython: using MissingAncestors from Python code

Authored by gracinet.


rust-cpython: using MissingAncestors from Python code

As precedently done with LazyAncestors on, we test for the
presence of the 'rustext' module.

incrementalmissingrevs() has two callers within the Mercurial core:
setdiscovery.partialdiscovery and the only() revset.

This move shows a significant discovery performance improvement
in cases where the baseline is slow: using perfdiscovery on the PyPy
repos, prepared with contrib/discovery-helper <repo> 50 100, we
get averaged medians of 403ms with the Rust version vs 742ms without
(about 45% better).

But there are still indications that performance can be worse in cases
the baseline is fast, possibly due to the conversion from Python to
Rust and back becoming the bottleneck. We could measure this on
mozilla-central in cases were the delta is just a few changesets.
This requires confirmation, but if that's the reason, then an
upcoming partialdiscovery fully in Rust should solve the problem.

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gracinetNov 30 2018, 8:35 AM
Differential Revision
D5551: rust-cpython: using MissingAncestors from Python code
rHG619ee4039bd4: rust: MissingAncestors.basesheads()