repoview: separate concerns in _filteredrepotypes comment

Authored by gracinet.


repoview: separate concerns in _filteredrepotypes comment

The cited issue in Python bugtracker is closed, but hasn't been
fixed. We've been able to use the attached example and reproduce
it with Python 3.9.

The point where it turns from needless stress on the GC to
the an actual leak is when one factors in the fact that the GC
was before Python 3.4 unable to collect some types (see PEP 442).

Note that even with Python 2.7, the simple example of cycles
due to mro are collectable. This was seen again with the
example attached on the CPython issue.


gracinetApr 24 2021, 10:30 AM
rHG76ae43d5b1db: repoview: fix memory leak of filtered repo classes

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