pull: fix inconsistent view of bookmarks during pull (issue4700)


pull: fix inconsistent view of bookmarks during pull (issue4700)

I had a share where a pull apparently pulled a bookmark but not the
revision pointed to by the bookmark, which I suspect is due to this
(and if not, we might as well remove known issues in this area).

I do this by combining doing all the queries that could read the
bookmarks in one round trip.

I had to change the handling of the case where the server doesn't
support the lookup query, because if it fails, it would otherwise make
fremotebookmark.result() block forever. This is due to
wireprotov1peer.peerexecutor.sendcommands's behavior (it fills a
single future if any query fails synchronously and leaves all other
futures unchanged), but I don't know if the fix is to cancel all other
futures, or to keep going with the other queries.

Differential Revision: https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D5449