repoview: introduce a `experimental.extra-filter-revs` config

Authored by marmoute.


repoview: introduce a experimental.extra-filter-revs config

The option define revisions to additionally filter out of all repository "view".
The end goal is to provide and easy to way to serve multiple subset of the same
repository using multiple "shares".

The simplest use case of this feature is to have one view serving the public
changesets and one view also serving the draft. This is currently achievable
using the new server.view option introduced recently by Joerg Sonnenberger.
However, more advanced use cases need more advanced definitions. For example
some needs a view dedicated to some release branches, or view that hides
security fixes to be released. Joerg Sonnenberger and I discussed this topic at
the recent mini-sprint and the both of us have seen real life use cases for
this. (This series got written during the same mini-sprint).

The feature is fully functional, and use similar cache-fallback mechanism to
ensure decent performance. However,there remaining room to ensure each share
caches and hooks collaborate with each others. This will come at a later time
once users start to actually test this feature on real usecase.


marmouteApr 6 2019, 11:46 AM
rHGfdbeacb9d456: copies: filter out copies from non-existent source later in _chain()