rust: translated random test of missingancestors

Authored by gracinet.


rust: translated random test of missingancestors

This is a Rust implementation of the random
DAG generator and related incrementalmissingancestors
tests against a naive brute force implementation.

It is provided as an integration test, so that it
won't run by default if any unit test fails.

In case of a failed example, all needed information
for reproduction is included in the panic message,
(this is how
test_remove_ancestors_from_case1() has been generated),
as well as the random seed.

The whole test is rerunnable by passing the random seed
in the TEST_RANDOM_SEED environment variable.
The other parameters (numbers of iterations) can be passed
in the TEST_MISSING_ANCESTORS environment variable.

An alternative would have been to expose to Python
MissingAncestors<VecGraphs> but that would have meant
pollution of the release build used from Python,
whereas we do it in this changeset within the tests submodule

Differential Revision:


gracinetDec 2 2018, 10:19 AM
Differential Revision
D5417: rust: translated random test of missingancestors
rHG09814946cc6a: debugpathcopies: fix typo in synopsis