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Calculate Beats Per Minute With BPM Counter
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Calculate Beats Per Minute With BPM Counter

Have you ever wondered what BPM is? We are happy to help. To avoid confusion with business process management applications, what does bpm stand for when you are using it as a music term: 'Beats Per Minute.

What is BPM?

BPM is a way of measuring the tempo of music or in other words its speed or beat. As such, a waltz will have a lower bpm than a track designed to make you want to dance the night away or push yourself to the limit in a spin class.

For a project, do you need music with a specific bpm? The super-simple BPM Test gives you a wide range of options to choose from.

BPM Test to measure Beats per Minute

BPM Test to measure Beats per Minute

This BPM Calculator can be used by musicians, dancers, or simply by anybody who needs to know what the BPM is in a song, sample, or backing track. Using this tap BPM tool, you can calculate the tempo of any song. You can find out the BPM of a sample or a song by tapping along with the beat.

This tempo tapper can also be used to calculate Heartbeats per minute, Heart rate, or Resting Pulse. One of my professors was interested in this application to find out the best Beats Per Minute value for his workout.

Online Song Tempo Tapper

Online Song Tempo Tapper

With this BPM tapping tool, you can measure the Beats Per Minute of an existing song, but you can also find the BPM of a song that you want to create. This BPM Calculator, for instance, is an app I enjoy using on my smartphone. It allows me to quickly and easily determine the BPM of anything.

What's the most common bpm in music?

Although there isn't necessarily a standard bpm in music, most genres can be identified and classified by their bpm.

Some examples would be:

Waltz – Slow waltz music is about 28-30 bars per minute (84-90 beats per minute). Waltz music is in 3/4 time, with the first beat of a measure highly accented.

  • 'Pale Shadow'
  • 'Skaters'
  • 'Prim and Proper

Jive - The Jive is one of several swing dances that developed simultaneously with swing jazz music during the mid-20th century. Lindy hop and West and East Coast swing are also included in this group of dances. Jive dancers generally dance to music with a 4/4 Meter between 38 and 44 beats per minute (152 to 176 beats per minute).

  • 'Little Bit of Rock'
  • 'Bar Room Boogie'
  • 'Fat Man Sam'

Reggae – Reggae songs typically use the 4/4 meter with a heavy emphasis on the backbeat. Reggae tunes typically have a tempo of 80–110 bpm, slightly slower than commercial pop music. There are quite a few off-beat rhythms in reggae music, usually played by a guitar or piano (sometimes both) on the off-beats (also called upbeats) of a measure. As a result, reggae music has a slightly 'jumpy' sound.

  • 'Lost with You'
  • 'Take You Home
  • 'Told You'

Ambient and Chillout - As it emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional structure and rhythm, Ambient and Chillout draw influences from other genres ranging from avant-garde to folk, jazz, world music, while also incorporating sounds from nature. suggests that the bpm should be between 50-80 - the lower the bpm, the more ambient the music will be!

  • 'Bright Crystals'
  • 'Shores'
  • 'Over'

Hip hop – In addition to being a genre, hip hop is a cultural phenomenon. Rap and hip hop are often used synonymously, but hip hop is a cultural movement, which includes music, whereas rap is a music technique. As hip hop's main feature, it combines rap and beats to weave different tunes together, often from samples, at a bpm between 60-100.

  • 'Ready for Ya'
  • 'Don't Go'
  • 'Sincerely Lost'

How to calculate BPM in music?

The BPM of a track or piece of music isn't difficult to figure out, but it's much easier if you have a basic understanding of music theory.

Music's tempo (speed/pace) is stated in each score as a time signature in the form of a fraction (4/4, 6/8, etc). In each measure, or bar, there are a given number of beats. Beats are specified as a specific note, and there is a specified time between beats. The higher the BPM, the shorter the time between successive beats.

The tempo dictates the speed at which the music is performed, so counting how many beats there are per minute in a song at a particular tempo can tell you how many beats per minute it is. If the tempo is 60 bpm, then there is one beat per second similarly for 120 bpm is thus twice as fast. If you're a DJ, knowing the bpm of your tracks will allow you to mix and match seamlessly.


1) When playing the piano, what is the best way of learning time signature rhythm beats?

Look for the time signature at the beginning of the score when reading
music. The number on top tells you how many beats are in a measure, and
the number on the bottom tells you what kind of note counts as one beat.
In 4/4, there are four beats per measure, with each beat consisting of
one-quarter note. Count along with the beats as you play.

2) What is BPM exactly?

Beats per minute are a way of determining a song's tempo. There is a variety of BPMs: adagio/largo, allegro/presto, etc. You can set your BPM to the correct time and keep it consistent with your playing by using a metronome.


Hope this article gives you an idea of how to calculate Beats Per Minute with a BPM Counter. The tempo and feel of a track can be used to create a feeling for the audience – whether you want something fast and slapstick for comedy, or something more slow and somber for a documentary. Action films will need a track that's got plenty of paces – a high bpm can get that adrenaline rushing for an edge-of-the-seat feel.

If you want to create romance or sadness, slow music works well; some of the classics are often used in romance movies.

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