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Eicher 380 Tractor On Road Price, Specification in India 2022 - Tractorgyan

The Eicher 380 is a strong farm vehicle at an appealing cost, with a strong motor and numerous extras, including a gearbox and an agreeable seat for solace and administrator solace. The organization generally thinks often about the well-being of every one of its farm hauliers and this is an exemption. The Eicher 380 is quite possibly the most famous farm vehicle with the most recent innovative element and is still popular today.

The Eicher 380 price usually costs between Rs.5,00,000 and Rs.5,50,000. The force of the Eicher 380 PTO is 34 hp and the force of the Eicher 380 motor is 40 hp. The heap limit of the Eicher 380 is 1200 kg. It additionally has 8 front and 2 back. Eicher is perhaps the most solid work vehicle and agrarian hardware in Indium. Albeit a notable Indian organization, it was established in Germany by two siblings, whose undisputed top choices were agrarian apparatus and work vehicles, which permitted them to extend their realm as models.

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