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Eicher 485 Features, On Road Price in 2022 - Tractorgyan

The Eicher 485 fabricated the primary diesel work vehicle fueled by a 14.7 kW (20 hp) Deutz diesel motor. The back hub is flanged and the motor is welded to the edge. The motor is associated with a gearbox that sends power through the driveshaft to the back pivot. The Eicher 485 Super DI has 8 cogwheels and 2 opposite gears. The farm truck brakes are either dry or wet with oil. The Eicher 485 Super DI work vehicle in India has a heap limit of 1850 kg. The effectiveness of the Eicher 485 Super DI motor is 45 hp. Eicher PTO power goes from 485 to 38.25 hp.

The Eicher 485 Super DI farm truck is furnished with current hydrodynamics, programmed footing control and water-driven control as well as power decrease. power 38 hp It is furnished with Eicher 485 with mechanical or power control, which can be effortlessly worked by the administrator. This farm truck has a wheelbase of 2008 mm and a load of 2045 kg. This size and weight make it simple to think about parts and pick your number one work vehicle. With a solitary or twofold grip, the Eicher 485 farm truck moves along as expected. The Eicher 485 price is usually Rs.6,000,000 to Rs.6,300,000. Eicher 485 is reasonable for developing organic products like mango, orange and grapes. This two-wheeled farm truck resembles a machine with great execution.

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