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Hindustan Tractor Key Specification, Mileage, On Road Price In India in 2022 - Tractorgyan

Hindustan Tractor is guaranteed and requires little maintenance with higher yields. The Hindustan 60 tractor is the most expensive and most popular tractor in the 50 hp engine category. It has 4 cylinders and an engine with a capacity of 3054 ccs that can generate 2100 ERPM. The tractor provides farms with economical mileage with ultra-soft power, which is what motorists demand. The Hindustan 60 tractor in India 2022 is the most famous and respected in the universe for qualified healthy tractors.

Trakstar Hindustan 60 is a superclass tractor with an attractive design and unique construction. Trakstar from India in 2021 has already secured the purchase of farmers. It has excellent performance, quality and a fair price for tractors, making it irresistible and cheapest for farmers and for all purposes. The company always supplies the tractor according to its choice, features, quality and the highest price, so it is comfortable and affordable for every budget. The Hindustan Tractor price in India in 2022 is worth Rs.7,70,000 to Rs.8,30,000.

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