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Massey Ferguson 241 Price in India 2022 - Tractorgyan

Massey Ferguson 241 R is a surprising and cleaned ranch haulier with a staggeringly dazzling appearance. Massey Ferguson 241 R is a major area of strength for a truck with extraordinary mileage. The domain truck has been carefully expected for the best ampleness and comfort. In light of its parts, the Massey Ferguson 241 R is maybe the most ideal decision for farmers. It contains different charming parts that can address all of the issues of the farmer. Massey Ferguson 241 R, a ranch haulier planned to beat any test, depends upon the guidelines of execution, trustworthiness, and getting past quality.

The ranch haulier's twofold handle and sliding transmission work on driving. The work vehicle has eight cogwheels and two back derailleurs. The front wheels of the ranch vehicle measure 6.00 x 16 (15.24 cm x 40.64 cm) and the rear wheels measure 12.4 x 28 (31.49 cm x 71.12 cm). Ranch truck speed 29.37 km/h. Massey Ferguson 241 price begins at Rs.5,85,000 to Rs.6,20,000. The enduring length of the work vehicle is 3290 mm, the hard and fast width is 1660 mm and the all-around length is 2200 mm. The wheelbase of the bequest haulier is 1830 mm, and the endlessly out weight of the work vehicle is 1730 kg. The Massey Ferguson 241 R ranch truck has a fuel tank cutoff of 47 litres.

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