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Swaraj 963 Price, Features in India 2022 - Tractorgyan

The Swaraj 963 FE ranch vehicle has a four-wheel drive, which enhances all work DC motors and can convey 2100 ERPM. Swaraj ranch trucks have their name and reputation as the most significant endlessly parts you can envision. This work vehicle is especially esteemed by all farmers for use in the nursery and yard.

The Swaraj 963 price generally costs between Rs.7,87,000 to Rs.8,49,000. The swaraj 963 homestead vehicles are in like manner equipped with a cleaner that keeps inside the ranch truck system and engines new and clean. The power of this ranch truck from 2021 is 53.6 hp, which is enough for the action of the work vehicle. It has a sliding association affiliation that ensures smooth and fast action. You can use an extra speed of 12 hours and 2 bombshells to augment engine power. The homestead truck is furnished with a 4WD drive with a store breaking point of 2200 kg, which adds to fast traction and high lift quality.

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