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wireprotov2: send linknodes to emitfilerevisions()

Authored by indygreg on Dec 10 2018, 2:43 PM.



Previously, linknodes were calculated within emitfilerevisions() by
using filectx.introrev(), which would always use the linkrev/linknode
as recorded by storage. This is wrong for cases where the receiver
doesn't have the changeset the linknode refers to.

This commit changes the logic for linknode emission so the mapping
of filenode to linknode is computed by the caller and passed into

As part of the change, linknodes for "filesdata" in the
haveparents=False case are now correct: the existing code performed a
manifest walk and it was trivial to plug in the correct linknode.

However, behavior for the haveparents=True case is still wrong
because it relies on filtering linkrevs against the outgoing set in
order to determine what to send. This will be fixed in a subsequent

The change test test-wireproto-exchangev2-shallow.t is a bit wonky.
The test repo has 6 revisions. The changed test is performing a shallow
clone with depth=1. So, only file data for revision 5 is present
locally. So, the new behavior of associating the linknode with
revision 5 for every file revision seems correct. Of course, when
backfilling old revisions, we'll want to update the linknode. But
this problem requires wire protocol support and we'll cross that
bridge later.

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