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windows: use util.localpath for repo-relative paths in getuipathfn()

Authored by martinvonz on Feb 11 2019, 12:50 PM.



Now that we have a single place that translates from internal path
representation (slash-separated) to UI representation
(i.e. scmutil.getuipathfn()), let's switch that over to using
util.localpath for absolute paths. I don't expect any test impact on
Windows because we still respect ui.slash, which is set by the test

As Yuya pointed out, a997163e7fae (status: extract helper for
producing relative or absolute path for UI, 2019-01-29) accidentally
changed to slash-separated paths on Windows because it used used to
use repo.pathto(f, cwd='') (which calls util.localpath()) and after
that patch it just prints the filename without any
transformation. This patch should fix that regression.

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