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revlog: initial version of phash index [POC]
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Authored by joerg.sonnenberger on Jan 26 2021, 4:01 PM.


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Integration is still somewhat hackish, but a reasonable start for a PoC.
Comparing it to Rust is not entirely fair as the additional Python
function in between dominates the runtime. The generator is pure Python
at the moment and at least a factor of 25 slower than the comparable C
extension. No fallback path for hash function yet to a real universal
hash (as opposed to just assuming the node hash is well distributed
enough). Most interesting baseline: pure Python lookup via the hash
function is a factor of 20 slower than the current dictionary lookup.
The index generation takes 37s for 2 * 570k revisions (manifest +
changelog). Further testing to measure the incremental cache update cost
is necessary, since initial testing shows a negative cost overall. It
can be estimated to be bound by ~65ms on the test platform.

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