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tests: test using both versions of SSH protocol

Authored by indygreg on Feb 12 2018, 7:46 PM.



Now that the version 2 of the SSH protocol is usable in core, we
can start actively testing it more widely outside of low-level
protocol tests.

We add #testcases variants to a handful of tests so we exercise both
version 1 and version 2 of the SSH protocol when testing. This will
allow us to more easily find regressions and variances as protocol 2
is developed. It will also make it easier to continue testing with
protocol version 1 once version 2 is enabled by default.

There are a handful of tests using ssh:// that should also gain test
variances. One - test-push-race.t - already has a #testcases. This
would require combinatorial cases. I didn't want to go down that
rabbit hole, so that test is unchanged. Thinking aloud, there is
probably an opportunity to automatically run tests with multiple
server/protocol implementations. Ideally any test that performed
server interaction would run with all supported server implementations
and protocols so we could find variances between servers and protocols.
But this has been a long-standing issue with our test harness. I
don't think it is an easily solved problem. But it would be nice...

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