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match: make exactmatcher.visitchildrenset return file children as well

Authored by spectral on Aug 24 2018, 1:19 AM.



Previously, if we had an exactmatcher like ['foo.txt', 'a/bar.txt', 'a/b/c/baz.txt'], we'd
get back the following data:

'.': {'a'}
'a': {'b'}
'a/b': {'c'}
'a/b/c': 'this'
'a/b/c/d': set()

This was incorrect, since visitchildrenset explicitly says not to pay attention
to 'foo.txt' and 'a/bar.txt' by not returning them or 'this'. Given the near
impossibility of making visitchildrenset reliabbly produce only subdirectories,
a previous commit has made it documented and expected that visitchildrenset can
return a set containing both files and subdirectories to visit, instead of
implying/requiring that visitchildrenset() return 'this' if there are files to
visit. This makes the code for exactmatcher match this clarified documentation.

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spectral created this revision.Aug 24 2018, 1:19 AM
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yuja added a subscriber: yuja.Aug 25 2018, 12:35 AM

+ if not self._fileset or dir not in self._dirs:

Just curious why you've added not self._fileset.

Except a vast style change, the important part is just this:

@@ -590,7 +590,7 @@
         if dir not in self._dirs:
             return set()
-        candidates = self._dirs - {'.'}
+        candidates = self._fileset | self._dirs - {'.'}
         if dir != '.':
             d = dir + '/'
             candidates = set(c[len(d):] for c in candidates if