( )⚙ D11211 wireprotov1peer: simplify the way batchable rpcs are defined

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wireprotov1peer: simplify the way batchable rpcs are defined

Authored by valentin.gatienbaron on Jul 25 2021, 4:32 PM.



The scheme with futures/generator is confusing due to the way
communication is done by side effects, especially with two different
"future" objects. Just returning a request and a function to read the
response is easier to understand.

There are tests failures with the largefiles extension due to it
aliasing one rpc to another one, which gets fixed in the next commit.

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Thanks for the patches, they look like a good idea, however we're in a freeze right now so we'll take a look in August.

Alphare accepted this revision.Aug 24 2021, 10:06 AM
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Sorry for the noise, I should have skipped the CI refresh for the review queue, I'll take your updated patches.