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fix: reduce number of tool executions

Authored by hooper on Aug 11 2021, 10:16 PM.



By grouping together (path, ctx) pairs according to the inputs they would
provide to fixer tools, we can deduplicate executions of fixer tools to
significantly reduce the amount of time spent running slow tools.

This change does not handle clean files in the working copy, which could still
be deduplicated against the files in the checked out commit. It's a little
harder to do that because the filerev is not available in the workingfilectx
(and it doesn't exist for added files).

Anecdotally, this change makes some real uses cases at Google 10x faster. I
think we were originally hesitant to do this because the benefits weren't
obvious, and implementing it efficiently is kind of tricky. If we simply
memoized the formatter execution function, we would be keeping tons of file
content in memory.

Also included is a regression test for a corner case that I broke with my first
attempt at optimizing this code.

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Maybe update the docstring to reflect the new grouping?


very minor nit: I usually find it clearer to prefix unused variables with _

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It looks like this somehow makes the Python 2 output flaky :

We're removing Python 2 support next release, you can choose to wait until then if you don't want to bother finding out why that happens. If so, ping me again on this change if I forget about it. :)

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It looks like this somehow makes the Python 2 output flaky :

It was a dict iteration order thing. Fixed it by sorting on "(min(dstrevs), path, dstrevs)" instead of "min(dstrevs)". The important part is "path", and "dstrevs" should never be needed as a tie breaker.

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