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bookmarks: use correct store for "ambiguity check"

Authored by martinvonz on Sat, Jun 1, 1:48 AM.



I still don't quite know what the check does, but I clearly got it
wrong in 526750cdd02d (bookmarks: keep bookmarks in .hg/store if new
config set, 2019-05-15). Just compare with the strings we use in
@repofilecache and @storecache. These bugs were then copied to the
stable branch in c2b83c957621 (localrepo: grab mixedrepostorecache
class from 526750cdd02d, 2019-05-20) and 2338bdea4474 (bookmark: also
make bookmark cache depends of the changelog, 2019-05-20). As a
result, test-wireproto-exchangev2.t is flaky on both branches. This
patch fixes that.

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rHG Mercurial
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Event Timeline

martinvonz created this revision.Sat, Jun 1, 1:48 AM

This is meant for the stable branch

marmoute requested changes to this revision.Wed, Jun 5, 7:17 AM
marmoute added a subscriber: marmoute.

Can we go fully explicit ? Having both plain and store as the possible value?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Wed, Jun 5, 7:17 AM
martinvonz requested review of this revision.Wed, Jun 5, 9:03 AM

Can we go fully explicit ? Having both plain and store as the possible value?

I'd prefer to avoid that on the stable branch. It would require more changes (to the various vfsmap instances). I wanted to do it on the default branch, though.

Ah, I see. The move from ('plain', '') to ('', 'plain') is matching the key used for the vfsmap?
If so, go ahead with this patch on stable.

pulkit accepted this revision.Wed, Jun 5, 12:19 PM
This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.