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treemanifest: move out of experimental
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Authored by pulkit on Oct 8 2019, 5:03 PM.


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In recent sprint, we discussed that treemanifest should be moved out of
experimental. The feature has been used inside Google, Facebook in some forms
and was used inside Yandex too for narrow clones.

There is an issue with diffing of large treemanifests and to fix that some
Python code needs to be rewritted in C/Rust. This I think is not a blocker for
taking treemanifest out of experimental.

This patch renames config experimental.treemanifest to storage.treemanifest.

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pulkit created this revision.Oct 8 2019, 5:03 PM

the storage session is more about small configuration of the storage
system without impact on the repository. The format section is more
appropriate for things that deeply impact the repository format.

So this should probably at least lives in the format as

However, this is also the first "scheme" change we get. repository using
tree-manifest will never be able to push to a repository not using it.
That make tree-manifest different from anything that live in the
format section right now.

So maybe: format.manifest-scheme=tree-manifest ?

That sounds fine