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recover: only apply last journal record per file (issue6423)

Authored by joerg.sonnenberger on May 17 2021, 10:51 PM.



This got broken in 2019 when the size check was introduced. It is most
noticable when dealing with transactions that involve an inline to
non-inline revlog storage transaction. It wasn't seen as much at the
time because the in-memory journal actually de-duplicated the entry
implicity, but since 63edc384d3b7 the on-disk journal is used for
rollback as well as recover.

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Does the order of the truncates actually not matter, for concurrent readers? I don't really see how it could matter (linkrevs should make it possible to ignore everything not committed), but before looking at the rollback code, I imagined it truncated in reverse order of writes (and looking it up, it's what's described in the initial revlog paper).

I can't find documentation that dict() guarantees to favor the rightmost key, but I'm assuming it's true anyway.
Modulo the question about order of truncates, this looks good.

Also, can you put (issue6423) in the first line of the commit message, so the bugzilla magic closes the issue?

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