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verify: allow the storage to signal when renames can be tested on `skipread`

Authored by mharbison72 on Dec 23 2019, 2:47 AM.



This applies the new marker in the lfs handler to show it in action, and adds
the test mentioned at the beginning of the series to show that fulltext isn't
necessary in the LFS case.

The existing skipread isn't enough, because it is also set if an error occurs
reading the revlog data, or the data is censored. It could probably be cleared,
but then it technically violates the interface contract. That wouldn't matter
for the existing verify algorithm, but it isn't clear how that will change as
alternate storage support is added.

The flag is probably pretty revlog specific, given the comments in
But there's already filelog specific stuff in there and I'm not sure what future
storage will bring, so I don't want to over-engineer this. Likewise, I'm not
sure that we want the verify method for each storage type to completely drive
the bus when it comes to detecting renames, so I don't want to go down the
rabbithole of having verifyintegrity() return metadata hints at this point.

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