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sshpeer: avoid having a destructor that can block forks forever

Authored by valentin.gatienbaron on Sep 14 2020, 11:07 AM.


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This is solution 2. that was described in the previous commit.

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So I think I actually prefer D9019 by a hair here. @indygreg do you have a preference?

I meant for this change to be in addition to D9019, rather than an alternative, for robustness as written in a bit more detail in the commit message of D9019.

Although looking at these couple of changes again, maybe instead I could close the peers explicitly in push/pull/incoming/outgoing/id. Such a change doesn't fix all deadlocks on its own, but along with D9019, it should be enough.

Having thing explicitly close is probably better, why maybe a developer warning when this isn't the case ?

Closing the peer is what I was describing as solution 3 in D9019. But I think I was wrong in saying that it doesn't help with calls to logtoprocess in the middle of commands. I also just noticed that pull does that, in fact. I'll try and find some time to do that.

I submitted changes to close peers explicitly instead of doing this. It's definitely more invasive though.