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node: introduce nodeconstants class
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Authored by joerg.sonnenberger on Wed, Jan 13, 10:55 AM.


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In preparing for moving from SHA1 hashes to a modern hash function,
place nullid and other constant magic vules in a class. Provide the
active set of constants in the repository and push it down. Provide
nullid directly in strategic places like the repository as it is
accessed very often. This changeset introduces the API change, but not
the mechanical replacement of the attributes itself.

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This is the API changing part of D9465 without all the followup changes.

So, I'm still not sold on the "only one hash function in a repo, ever" constraint of the design this seems to imply. Is there a plan page or anything or is this all in your head?

I'm aiming more for "only one hash size in the repository" and the magic constants staying the same independent of the hash function. The hash itself is planned to be tagged, i.e. 248bit for the hash function and the trailing byte as type tag. The SHA1 replacement would use "01" and in principle allow for existing SHA1 nodes to embedded directly into the larger 256bit space as type "00".