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rust-nodemap: mutable NodeTree data structure

Authored by gracinet on Jan 6 2020, 2:25 PM.



Thanks to the previously indexing abstraction,
the only difference in the lookup algorithm is that we
don't need the special case for an empty NodeTree any more.

We've considered making the mutable root an Option<Block>,
but that leads to unpleasant checks and unwrap() unless we
abstract it as typestate patterns (NodeTree<Immutable> and
NodeTree<Mutated>) which seem exaggerated in that

The initial copy of the root block is a very minor
performance penalty, given that it typically occurs just once
per transaction.

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This strikes me as a weird name. The fact that it is an adjective rather than a noun is a hint. Can you rename to answer "Growable what?"


I would use for consistency unless you really want to avoid printing the struct name.

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In a previous version, I was calling it mutable (also an adjective, btw), but that became just wrong with the introduction of the separate root block. I don't have many ideas:

  • added_inner_blocks ? actually, these are added on top of the readonly part and often mask some of the readonly blocks
  • added_non_root_blocks ? Eww
  • mutable_inner_blocks ?

I'm no native speaker, but the adjective thing doesn't deter me, I would expect it to be rather clear that it refers to blocks, given the type.
Open to suggestions, leaving as is for the time being


sadly, Formatter.debug_struct doesn't tale ?Sized arguments (at least in our target 1.34 version):

   --> hg-core/src/revlog/
298 |             .field("readonly", readonly)
    |                                ^^^^^^^^ doesn't have a size known at compile-time
    = help: the trait `std::marker::Sized` is not implemented for `[revlog::nodemap::Block]`

Kept it as it was for the time being, just dropped the unneeded anonymous lifetime

Omitting the struct name was indeed on purpose, to make it more manageable in test data. That was useful in early versions. I would have been willing to drop it for the final form. Anyone using this for real data wouldn't care about just a few bytes at the beginning.

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