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rust-dirstate-status: add `walk_explicit` implementation, use `Matcher` trait

Authored by Alphare on Nov 29 2019, 1:22 PM.



This is the first time we actually use the Matcher trait, still for a small
subset of all matchers defined in Python.

While I haven't yet actually measured the performance of this, I have tried
to avoid any unnecessary allocations. This forces the use of heavy lifetimes
annotations which I am not sure we can simplify, although I would be happy
to be proven wrong.

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It seems to me that you can just use one lifetime here since the two input limit the output. But maybe I over-simplified the problem.


Isn't this the same as the first case? Can we just remove the first case?


It surprises me this annotation is required? I thought this would be the assumed meaning.

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You're right, the complex annotations are only needed on status, this only returns values from files.


The if will be needed in a (semi-distant) future series, I'll remove it for now, thanks.


I thought so too, but it seems that the compiler's elision rules do not apply with Iterators. It's probable a more complicated problem to solve in a deterministic fashion than just a plain Vec.

kevincox accepted this revision.Dec 2 2019, 10:16 AM

This no longer applies cleanly (and doesn't build when applied with fuzz)

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