( )⚙ D1143 revset: update visibility exceptions with hidden commits from the tree

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revset: update visibility exceptions with hidden commits from the tree

Authored by pulkit on Oct 17 2017, 8:19 AM.


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This patch adds functionality to update the visibility exceptions set with the
hidden commits whose hashes are passed if the command allow accessing them and
showing warning depending on repo.filtername which is set by the type of

The logic to check whether a symbol is hash and logic related to showing
warning to user is imported from directacess extension from fb-hgext.

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I'm not going to queue the remainder of this series because I'm unsure what the decisions around this feature are. I will add some nits on the code though.


Nit: this should be a tuple, not a list. Tuples are immutable and I believe Python will compile it once instead of allocating a new list object every invocation.


I'm not sure if the number of items in symbols is expected to be large, but if it is, aliasing cl._partialmatch to avoid an attribute lookup is a justifiable micro-optimization.


repo.changelog in a loop is bad for perf. Please alias the changelog to a local variable.


Nit: these 2 lines can be combined to avoid extra indentation.


Nit: I think it is better to have the list of hidden changesets after the message, not in the middle of it.

Nit: I /think/ "," should be localized.

Nit: str should probably be replaced with something from pycompat for Python 3 compatibility?

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Can't we apply _updateexceptions() out of the revset.match*()?
It's horrible that a revset query does mutate the repo.

# somewhere near scmutil.revrange()
tree = revsetlang.parse(spec)
symbols = revsetlang.hashlikesymbols(tree)
... continue _updateexceptions()

Perhaps this can be moved to _updateexceptions() phase, so
that we can simply collect hash-like strings without the knowledge
of the tip revision.


Please move this to revsetlang module.


No need to test the length.


We can get rid of it by processing a pre-optimized tree.


Seems tricky. Instead, test the _ishashsymbol() before adding
to the results list?

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