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copies: make two version of the changeset centric algorithm

Authored by marmoute on Sep 28 2020, 12:32 PM.



They are two main ways to run the changeset-centric copy-tracing algorithm. One
fed from data stored in side-data and still in development, and one based on
data stored in extra (with a "compatibility" mode).

The extra based is used in production at Google, but still experimental in
code. It is mostly unsuitable for other users because it affects the hash.

The side-data based storage and algorithm have been evolving to store more data, cover more cases
(mostly around merge, that Google do not really care about) and use lower level
storage for efficiency.

All this changes make is increasingly hard to maintain de common code base,
without impacting code complexity and performance. For example, the
compatibility mode requires to keep things at different level than what we
need for side-data.

So, I am duplicating the involved functions. The newly added _extra variants
will be kept as today, while I will do some deeper rework of the side data

Long terms, the side-data version should be more featureful and performant than
the extra based version, so I expect the duplicated _extra functions to
eventually get dropped.

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