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stream-clone: add a explicit test for format change during stream clone

Authored by marmoute on Jan 24 2022, 6:34 AM.



They are different kind of requirements, the one which impact the data storage
and are relevant to the files being streamed and the one which does not. For
example some requirements are only relevant to the working copy, like sparse, or

Since they are irrelevant to the content being streamed, they do not prevent the
receiving side to use streaming clone and mercurial skip adverting them over
the wire and, ideally, within the bundle.

In addition, this let the client decide to use whichever format it desire for
the part that does not affect the store itself. So the configuration related to
these format are used as normal when doing a streaming clone.

In practice, the feature was not really tested and is badly broken with bundle-2,
since the requirements are not filtered out from the stream bundle.

So we start with adding simple tests as a good base before the fix and adjust
the feature.

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