hgweb: stop passing req and tmpl into @webcommand functions (API)

Authored by indygreg on Mar 11 2018, 12:24 AM.



We have effectively removed all consumers of the old wsgirequest
type. The templater can be accessed on the requestcontext passed
into the @webcommand function.

For the most part, these arguments are unused. They only exist to
provide backwards compatibility. And in the case of wsgirequest,
use of that object could actively interfere with the new request

So let's stop passing these objects to @webcommand functions.

With this commit, wsgirequest is practically dead from the hgweb
WSGI application. There are still some uses in hgwebdir though...

.. api::

@webcommand functions now only receive a single argument. The
request and templater instances can be accessed via the
``req`` and ``templater`` attributes of the first argument.
Note that the request object is different from previous Mercurial
releases and consumers of the previous ``req`` 2nd argument
will need updating to use the new API.

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