wireproto: define permissions-based routing of HTTPv2 wire protocol

Authored by indygreg on Mar 12 2018, 10:16 PM.



Now that we have a scaffolding for serving version 2 of the HTTP
protocol, let's start implementing it.

A good place to start is URL routing and basic request processing
semantics. We can focus on content types, capabilities detect, etc

Version 2 of the HTTP wire protocol encodes the needed permissions
of the request in the URL path. The reasons for this are documented
in the added documentation. In short, a) it makes it really easy and
fail proof for server administrators to implement path-based
authentication and b) it will enable clients to realize very early in
a server exchange that authentication will be required to complete
the operation. This latter point avoids all kinds of complexity and
problems, like dealing with Expect: 100-continue and clients finding
out later during hg push that they need to provide authentication.
This will avoid the current badness where clients send a full bundle,
get an HTTP 403, provide authentication, then retransmit the bundle.

In order to implement command checking, we needed to implement a
protocol handler for the new wire protocol. Our handler is just
small enough to run the code we've implemented.

Tests for the defined functionality have been added.

I very much want to refactor the permissions checking code and define
a better response format. But this can be done later. Nothing is
covered by backwards compatibility at this point.

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I'm going to refactor tests for this to deal with an issue I had testing things on my MBP.

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Just a nit: No _() is needed because we don't know client language nor character encoding.