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pytype: [WIP] suppress various warnings inline to get a clean run
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Authored by mharbison72 on Sat, Nov 23, 7:47 PM.


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This depends on D7295 and D7384, which in turn was applied to f612a044a5ab. It
contains some things that are currently in flight, and I made no attempt to keep
it under 80 columns or blacken it. But it seems useful to share now, because it
is so time consuming to get this far, and presumably much of this will entail
actual fixes.

I wish I had made a better effort to indicate what it was complaining about, so
maybe any actual suppressions that are needed should be documented why?

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mharbison72 created this revision.Sat, Nov 23, 7:47 PM
mharbison72 planned changes to this revision.Sat, Nov 23, 7:54 PM

Adjusting this to stay out of the review queue. While most of the files only had a handful of errors (and a few could be removed from the blacklist), the few added had a bunch of errors. I didn't see any obvious fixes, and ran out of time Friday to individually suppress them.

I'm assuming we will fix the problems, and then apply the suppressions in narrow categories rather than a monolithic commit like this.